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Balancing Bleus Herbal Blend

  • $14.75


This magical herbal blend will arouse your senses and heighten your dreams. Balancing Bleus introduces itself with a gentle, sweet flavor, then harmonizes with the softly invigorating tang of eucalyptus. The addition of Damiana makes for a mood-enhancing aphrodisiac. With calming effects to the body and breath, this blend encourages relief of tension and anxiety, and will help restore your body and mind to a state of balance.




Balancing Bleus Herbal Blend contains the following herbs:


     - Dalmation Sage

     - Passion Flower

     - Eucalyptus

     - Damiana


Expertly blended by the good folks at VaporBrothers


*All ingredients are dried natural plants; there are NO synthetic compounds present.