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  • Grind and Orbit - Save 20%!

Grind and Orbit - Save 20%!

  • $99.00


Now, for a limited time, you can purchase our Premium Cherry Orbiter and Premium Finishing Cherry Grinder together, saving yourself $25! With these two products combined, you can assure yourself the ultimate vaping experience.


Premium Cherry Orbiter: The Magic-Flight Orbiter is an essential accessory for any Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box enthusiast. With a showerhead-style down-stem and two 14mm female glass joints, the Orbiter will cool your vapor to perfection, making every draw smooth and enjoyable. Its square, wooden base allows for the Orbiter to sit soundly on any table top. Accompanied a standard 18in Water Pipe Whip to connect to your Launch Box or Muad-Dib, and another 27in Water Pipe Whip that serves as a draw whip, the Orbiter makes for an excellent companion when sharing sessions with friends.


Cherry Finishing Grinder: Our Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder creates a micro-fine grind that will revolutionize your vaporizing experience. Designed here, at Magic-Flight, each of these exclusive grinders is hand-finished by one of our skilled artisans. Its intuitive design allows it to perch on top of the bowl of your Launch Box and deposit ground herbal material directly into your trench for the perfect session every time. When herbal material is put in the Finishing Grinder, it is pushed against the grinding surface. Twisting the Finishing Grinder grates the material into the trench, resulting in an extremely fine, fluffy grind, ideal for your Launch Box.  Adorned with our signature Magic-Flight glyph, the Finishing Grinder matches the Launch Box in both superior innovation and classically chic presentation.


While these two functional beauties are both available for individual sale, you will save 20% by purchasing them together with our Grind and Orbit Combo.


Premium Cherry Orbiter Kit includes:


     - One Cherry Orbiter

     - 18” Water Pipe Whip

     - 27” Water Pipe Whip

     - Instruction Guide



Premium Cherry Grinder Kit includes:


     - One Cherry Finishing Grinder

     - Felt-lined tin case

     - Instructions



Both products are handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA