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Universal Battery Charger

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Our smart Universal Battery Charger allows you to charge two NiMH AA batteries in only 4 hours. Your batteries are ready when the indicator light turns green, signaling full charge. It is adorned with our Magic-Flight glyph and fits perfectly into the Launch box Kit. Like its domestic predecessor, it will charge any NiMH battery, including our Gold Batteries and the popular Powerex 2700 mAh batteries.

What makes this new Universal Charger so unique is its special selection of interchangeable Clips. Choose between a European Clip, an Australian Clip, or a Clip for use in the United Kingdom. It also features a barrel plug on the bottom that allows you to charge batteries on the go with the Power Adapter 2.1's Car Accessory. So whether you are backpacking through Europe or touring the Australian Outback, rest assured that your battery charging needs will be fulfilled throughout your travels. Tour the world with our new Universal Battery Charger.

Your purchase includes:

     - One Universal Battery Charger

     - One Charger Clip of your choice (EU, AU, or UK)

     - Instruction Guide

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